5 Tips for Attending an Opera Show in London

Attending an opera show in London may sound like a foreign idea to most ordinary people in the world. For those who are lucky enough to attend an Opera theatre production in London, here are some tips for doing it right.

Be Punctual and Observe the Dress Code

Even though it is essential to observe the dress code for opera or musical productions, there is no such thing as arriving fashionably late. The doormen will simply not let late-comers inside as this will be highly disruptive for the other attendees and the performers of the production.

Opera shows normally require guests to wear a black tie. However, most venues can be very relaxed with regard to the dress code. Many theatres opt for loosening their dress code requirements to encourage more people to attend productions.

Be Polite with Everyone Around You

As people fill up a theatre, try to smile or say hello politely. There’s no need to approach someone and invade their personal space. Use the occasion to brush up on your knowledge of theatre productions as many attendees would love to share a few pointers or their knowledge.

Only Use Mobile Devices During Breaks

Guests will be reminded via an announcement that their cell phones should be turned off prior to the start of a performance. This is even more important for live productions, where performers can be interrupted or distracted by the device.

These performances often have breaks in between acts and provide enough time for attendees to get some fresh air outside. Use this time to check messages or even to play some online casino UK games. Playing slots or other games online to win real cash is a great way to spend a production break.

Guests will acknowledge your attempt at being polite if you follow this advice. Use these tips when planning to attend a theatre production in London.