Typical Course Curriculum for Opera Students

Here is a great idea of what opera or musical courses can offer to students who are interested in studying opera at an educational institution.

Acting Classes

Vocalists can opt-in for acting seminars to learn from the experts. These seminars can be broken up into intensive sessions where students can learn about improvisation, fundamentals of performance, monologues, characterisation, body language, movement, aspects of tone, speech flexibility, and vocal production.

Music History

There is always something to be learned from the classical composers of the past. Vocalists can attend seminars focused on German romantic composers and various other classical composers. The Vienna Summer Music Festival Faculty specialises in exploring the history of opera.

Vocal Lessons

Talented vocalists can receive lessons from a qualified coach from the relevant faculty. Lessons are normally individualised to the vocalist’s personal experience. This type of coaching often involves diction, repertoire, musicianship, and interpretation.


Masterclass courses are often the hardest courses to qualify for as they only take students with a reputable track record. Vocalists can participate in regular masterclasses with world-renowned performers and artists.

However, these courses are known to be incredibly pricey. Vocalists will have an opportunity to perform in a masterclass with these renowned performers on occasion. These masterclasses will be great for crafting a reputation.

Private Lessons

These professional lessons are also notably expensive, but they can be highly rewarding as it involves spending some quality time with professional performers. Vocalists can opt for applied voice lessons. The private voice instructor from the institution will provide students with an individualised curriculum. Vocalists can focus primarily on vocal technique.

Considering all the aspects involved with taking up a course at a musical institution, all that is left is to locate an opera or theatre institution nearby and to apply for a course. There are many benefits that come from getting involved with classical music and applying for a course at a reputable institution.